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We love building projects that make sense: Your home is the stage upon which you and your family live your lives.

That is important.

You imagine your family into the future. You have needs, interests, passions and a budget.

There are resources to be used wisely: natural, financial, and human.

There are ingredients: the grain of wood, the sparkle of metal, vistas, light, color, texture.

They will all have an effect on
your mind. They all inform the process.

What you build will last, because it is appropriate, well-made and beautiful.

It is sensible.

We work on projects large and small. We enjoy designing a project from start to finish or collaborating with an architect.









Gazebo roofPlease click on the links below to view Sample Projects:

Kitchen Remodel A

detail, sink, room view, detail stove, detail breakfast nook

Bath Remodel - A

detail shower, detail tile, detail wall

Kitchen Remodel - B

room view, detail sink

Interior Remodel

detail staircase, detail walkthrough, cabinetry, sitting room

Bath remodel - B

room view

Exterior Gazebo

nature hot tub, custom fencing

Kitchen remodel - C

room view, stove detail

Bath remodel - C

room view

Kitchen remodel - D

breakfast nook, room view, island cabinetry, island storage, stove

Exterior Staircase

flooring, stairs sideview

Bath remodel - D

room view, shower detail