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“Breathe new life into your basement, garage, attic, or backyard.”

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ADUs provide additional living spaces to meet the needs of your life and family.

ADUs provide additional living spaces to meet the needs of your life and family. With nearly endless possibilities, ADUs are a resourceful transformation using your existing space to create separate living quarters for visitors, aging parents, grown children, or tenants.
Connecting to an existing house, often through the construction of an addition along the home’s side or rear, attached ADUs can have a separate or shared entrance. ADUs also have the added benefit of being adapted to accommodate different stages of life, household types, and income levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ADU is a fixed structure with permanent utilities designed to last for the long term. Meanwhile, Tiny Houses on wheels offers mobility while adhering to strict state and city rules for moving.
Ordinance requirements are necessary to build an ADU, varying by county, city, or neighborhood. The process can begin for single and multi-family residential properties. Local ADU rules determine the size of the ADU as well as the square footage of your property. Most ADUs are around 150 up to 1,200 sq. ft.
An ADU can increase the property value of your property. ADUs also provide options for downsizing. It can be used as a rental unit or affordable housing for aging parents and young adult children.
Converting a garage, basement, attic, or storage room into an ADU takes over eight weeks to build. Meanwhile, constructing a new structure separate from the main house is called an ADU and can take over four months. Long-term financial planning is essential to prevent delays. Partnering with people experienced in ADUs can help you navigate through permit fees, project feasibility, scope, and long-term impact on your property.
Homeowners can pay for ADUs through home equity lines of credit, taking out a loan, or selling a property in plans of relocating to the ADU.

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