Outside Living Builders in the Bay Area

“Extend your home life beyond the walls of your home by creating a seamless bridge between the natural elements and your interiors.“

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Multi-functional outdoor spaces bring new meaning to how you relax, entertain, read, cook, play, and even work. Outdoor living areas include the design and building of rooftop backyards, pools, courts, gardens, bars, and functional outdoor kitchens using sensible, weather-friendly materials.

A well-designed outdoor space can elevate your experience outside for you and your guests. The space can also feature protection from the elements and provide an escape from life’s daily stressors.

Multi-functional Outdoor Spaces:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be working under a single contract for design and construction services. With one firm handling the project, the homeowner or project owner will have fewer administrative responsibilities and risks. We have an in-house team to ensure the projects are completed efficiently and timely, leading to faster delivery, cost savings, and fewer chances of costly construction changes and unexpected fees.
Sensible Builders will handle the required permits for the project. We will also manage revisions to permit if significant changes are needed to the design.
Sensible Builders is hands-on with all of our projects. It starts with an on-site consultation. During this time, we also provide an estimate. We will then craft a design and budget plan. With our company, you can ensure a focused approach as we handle no more than 2 to 3 projects simultaneously.
It will be determined in the contract before the execution of the project. If owner-directed changes result in overruns, the project owner will be responsible. For overruns that are not the result of the owner-directed change, the company will take responsibility within the scope of the contract.
A design-build team can work for you if you want your project to be prioritized and completed quickly. The firm and owner should be able to agree upon technical requirements before the design and construction. Projects that cannot be clearly defined from the start or need several inputs and decision-making for the owner throughout the process may not be suitable for design-build.

Great design starts with a little Q&A